Questions and Answers About Our Professional Painting Service

If you have decided to repaint your home, and are looking for a professional painting service, then AB Interior & Exterior Painting, serving clients in Fort Worth, TX and surrounding areas, is the one to choose. As you are already on our FAQ post, we would like to take the opportunity to share answers to questions we get and shed a bit of light on why people decide to choose us over our competition.

Q. What are the best types of paint for indoor/outdoor use?

A. For interior use, you can use matte, satin, or gloss paint. However, acrylic paint is the best for exterior use as it can withstand temperature fluctuations and extreme weather. Just bear in mind that it creates VOCs and is more expensive than latex paint.

Q. What are the current color trends in home painting?

A. The likes of blue, brown, green, rich neutrals, warm reds, dark mauve, dusty pinks, and soft blacks are all trending right now.

Q. How long does a typical painting project take to complete?

A. Some jobs can be done in a day. However, others will take several days. It will hinge on the size and complexity of the job. Most of the time it is the prep work that takes up most of our time.

Q. How often should I expect to need touch-ups on painted surfaces?

A. You can touch up surfaces as and when needed. There is no set timeline for this. If your walls or other services are looking scuffed or dirty, by all means, have them repainted by us.

Q. Is there a difference in the durability of different paint finishes?

A. Yes. For example, matte paint is not washable, so it will show all dirt and scuff marks. Satin paint, however, is washable, and as such, will last longer without needing any touch-ups.

Q. Are there new painting techniques that I should consider for my project?

A. The following are some of the painting techniques you can consider. Pour painting, dry brush, stamping, wet on wet, splattering, dabbing, or subtractive.

Q. What services do you provide besides painting?

A. We can also provide sheetrock installation, refurbishing, and flooring services.

Q. Do you work alone, or do you have a team?

A. We have a team of experts at your disposal.

Q. How many years of experience do you have in your industry?

A. Our company was established in 2020. However, we have over two decades of experience behind us, so it’s safe to rely on us for our complete painting service!

Q. Do you offer free estimates?

A. We sure do. We do not expect our customers to take our word on how competitive our prices are. This is why we provide free quotes so they can compare them with others.

If you feel more confident and would like to make an appointment with one of our professional painting contractors to discuss all of your requirements in detail, or, if you simply have more questions that were not covered by this article, please feel free to contact AB Interior & Exterior Painting. Call us today at this number (817) 655-0073 within our working hours. We’re ready to take on your upcoming project if you are based in or around the Fort Worth, TX area.