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At AB Interior & Exterior Painting, we have understood the finer side of things when it comes to providing flawless results using the best techniques on the market. Our two decades of experience have made us the trusted interior painter for many loyal clients across the greater Fort Worth, TX area, with cost-effective offers and reliable finishes. We have been working towards maintaining affordability and getting even better with our designs, textures, and color gradients. Whenever we are hired to undertake a project, the clients can rest assured that they will be given precise finishes that are created around their vision for their space. We are known to be skilled, reliable, and technical with our approaches, which are fine-tuned to meet the standards that we have been known for over the years.

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Our Services Include
Painting Services


Our painting service can ensure that the current value of your home goes up exponentially. This is primarily the case due to more care and upkeep being done, and the visual appeal of fresh and vibrant colors. It is often considered to be the most prominent factor that attracts more potential clients. In case you just want to revamp your space and are looking for an investment that is worth every penny, a new paint job is a great place to get started. We have the right skills and the professionalism required to provide you with flawless results.
Drywall Services

Drywall Services

We are also a prominent name in drywalling and have made sure that the right set of techniques and tools are used to deliver great drywall additions and even potential repairs. Drywall provides truly high-quality insulation and is a great material because of its unique properties and overall affordability. It lasts longer and has minimal liabilities. We make sure that your new drywall is installed seamlessly, and in such a way that any future repairs or replacements of certain sections can be done with relative ease.
Flooring Services


Quality interior painting often pairs well with brand-new flooring; we’ve got you covered for both. We can help you enhance the look of your home at cost-effective prices that are not very heavy on the pocket and yet deliver results that are flawless. Irrespective of the type of floor you desire, we have the right set of skills and years of experience in the industry to provide exceptional results. We have always done the needful to provide our customers with lasting results, so don’t hesitate to entrust us with your new flooring installation project.
Refurbishing Services


Our affordable painting service is the ideal way to start your refurbishing project. We can make fast, cost-effective improvements and add exceptional modern-day touches to your existing space. We are skilled professionals at increasing the functionality of any given space and do our due diligence to ensure superior-grade finishes. We also ensure that the final offers we provide are attractive to buyers and that the maintenance cost of the refurbished property is brought down significantly.
Flooring Services

Cabinet Painting Services

If you are looking to match the color of the cabinets and other interior additions with the rest of the decor, then we’ve got you covered! We can make cabinets compliment the rest of the decor with ease. The attention to detail that we provide is truly exceptional.
Refurbishing Services

Fence Painting

The ideal way to add property value is to invest in the visual appeal of the space. We have the necessary training to deal with any fence painting requirements, helping them last longer and withstand the effects of weathering over time. If done right, paint acts as a barrier against the elements.
Flooring Services

Water Damage Services

Dealing with water damage repairs can be quite comprehensive and ruin any given space’s aesthetic. We are happy to provide cost-effective and reliable solutions to our clients wherein we can make any water-damaged aspects of your property look as good as new.
Refurbishing Services

Texture Services

A textured finish can make all the difference when it comes to making a part of your property stand out amongst the rest. Irrespective of the color variations and the textures our clients might desire, we have the means to execute with intricate attention to detail.
Flooring Services

House Painting Services

It is highly advised that property owners invest in painting their properties to make them look as good as new and significantly increase their value. The paint can act as an additional protective layer and withstand UV rays, dirt, dust, and even grime.
Refurbishing Services

Room Painting Services

We are professionally trained painters and can easily make your room meet your creative vision. As experts, we rely on the best modern-era tools and technologies to get the job done and exceed our clients’ expectations.

Reliable Experts for the Job

At AB Interior & Exterior Painting, we have made sure that our clients are always kept in the driver’s seat when it comes to the creative side of the equation. This helps them be at ease about the entire process and, once we have the go-ahead from them, we begin to execute our work in a systematic fashion. We have strived for excellence and superior-grade finishes at pocket-friendly prices for years. As professionals, we have taken it upon ourselves to make appropriate suggestions wherever necessary and ensure that our clients are always pleased with our final results. This is what makes us the trusted choice across the greater Fort Worth, TX area.


Flawless Finishes at Your Fingertips

Precision, reliability, and affordability are the prominent factors that define us best. We have been making sure that with each new project that we undertake, our experienced professionals grow and adapt. This keeps us ahead of the curve and forces us to improvise and problem-solve on the go. We have made sure that no matter the scale, size, or complexity involved with the project, we always deliver flawless results paired together with the highest quality standards possible.


We Are Officially Expanding

We have helped numerous families and businesses get the revamping of their space that they desired for upwards of two decades. After getting the right experience and putting together some truly unique offers, we are now officially branching out further and will now be providing our services in the following areas:

  • Edgecliff Village Town, TX
  • White Settlement, TX
  • Crowley, TX
  • Rendon, TX
  • Forest Hill, TX


Contact us today, and our skilled experts will be more than happy to provide you with all the additional information that you desire. If you have any concerns or need suggestions, we will be happy to help you figure those out as well. As trained experts, we strive for excellence and never settle for anything less. This is what makes us the desired choice for many across town for reliable painting.

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Hiring this professional painting company was a game-changer. Their crew arrived on time, equipped with the right tools and a keen eye for detail. Throughout the project, they maintained a clean workspace and delivered stunning results that truly showcased their professionalism—truly transformative work.

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